My name is Egba Terry Ottase. A young man who is eager to learn. It took me about 26 years to realize and accept my true hobbies: READING & WRITING. I’m deeply interested in that relevant field of study called “LIFE”.

The blog has a beautiful picture of fresh carrots but I assure you, the blog is meant to serve as a platform for sharing ideas and adding meaning to life no matter how little.

I’m someone who loves to see a touch of mystery in almost everything I see, and writing, reading and drawing have always helped to sustain some of it for me. I can read/draw/write about anything as long as it has good lessons and helpful information.


I love jokes too, plus music, and I always love to share them whenever I can.

My top Ideals in Life: Love, Honesty, Truth and Justice.

So this blog is like a place I would love to share my experiences and ideals in life. Don’t get bore… We can learn a lot from each other. You’re most WELCOME! 🙂

You can also get more views from me @Terry Mark Quotes.

Please, enjoy!


4 thoughts on “A SPECIAL WELCOME!

  1. You have a wonderful greeting/welcome page for readers to get to see a little bit of who you are. Thank you for following the blog, and may your journey to new ideas and social justice is a blessed and fruitful one. Feel free to leave feedback on any piece. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
    Happy reading and writing!
    -Author S

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