Conjoined twins

…Came across this interesting stuff…

I was watching channel 5 last night and there was a programme on conjoined twins who were 57 years old. If one of them commits a murder, how do they punish him without punishing the other?
– Jim, Forest Hill.

-Name: Kevin, The City.
-Qualification: I was watching QI once and it came up.
-Answer: It has actually happened, but with ‘assault’ not ‘murder’. They were conjoined twins from Siam, called something like Chen and Chan in the early 1900s- it’s where the phrase siamese twins comes from. They were sideshow performers and during a show, one them punched a member of the audience. They were both arrested and tried, but the judge said he couldn’t do anything as it would be a miscarriage of justice if he imprisoned the innocent man.

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