Stay Afloat

“If you were happpy before you knew someone, you CAN be happy even when they’re gone.”

In a life riddled with unexpected changes, and disappointments, we are forced to have to let go of some of the negative forces in our lives at different times so that we may stay afloat and keep swimming in this ocean of a Life.

Let us begin again by letting go. Let go of the past, let go of the pain and the anger that you have towards those people and those situations in which you were wronged. Let go if you have to, of those who you love with all of yourself but just won’t recognize your self worth. Don’t blame them yet because you may have unknowingly done it to someone in your effort to make the best choices in Life. Let go by forgiving and choosing to move on. And to move on, we have to do it with a resilient Faith.

Each time we are facing the unknown, we are normally confronted by Fears, and to overcome it, Faith has to come in and take over.

Be strong enough not to hold on to any of the emotions that you feel towards a person that you are choosing to forgive because by holding on to such emotions, we are ultimately allowing them to hold us captive by staying emotionally tied to them.

It pays to forget what’s gone, appreciate what still remains and look forward to what’s coming next.

Most importantly, when we are able to realize how powerful the Love of God is, everything, including what we used to consider painful and impossible finally becomes Possible, Easy, Clearer and Simple!


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