What Is The Purpose Of Love?

” What is the purpose of Love if it hurts so much?”
This question was asked by a user in one of the great sites I always visit.

This was my Answer:
I believe that the purpose of Love is to makes Life Beautiful, Meaningful, Interesting and Awesome. But then, Expectations and Disappointments coupled with our Egos has made this purposes of Love difficult to achieve. Now Love has become painful, bitter and almost non-existent to some people, who have loved in the past so deeply but yet got broken and disappointed several times.

The truth I believe, with all these negativities attributed to Love… Love still has great promises and pure intentions for those who remain persistent with great Patience, Endurance, Hope and Faith. May God see us through for we need Him in all these. Amen.

NOTE: Don’t hesitate to drop your opinions, sincere corrections and contributions. Thank you!


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