Dear, Take Heart…

Today, a good friend tried to express her pains with this question:
“HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH LOSING A BEST FRIEND? And I mean a best friend who is dying? And you can’t tell her anything or see her because she is in a comma on a life support? It’s been 4 weeks and she was getting a little better but now is expected to never wake up…what do I do?… I’m tired of crying.
I found this really touching because she once mentioned it earlier(a few days ago) and repeating it this time really showed how painful it is for her.

I tried my best to console her with these words:
“Keep praying for her and ask God to forgive her, all the wrongs she has done to others. Forgive her for every pain she caused you and in your tears of wanting her back, see this moment as a period you have to learn to live without her physically, and to do the good things she has always wanted you to do. In doing so, I believe you would make her happy wherever she is…even if she’s still in your heart. You can miss her always but be happy that you had the chance of being in her life for once… And hope that someday, you’ll see her again…happier than she ever was. Take heart dear, it’s sad but Life has to go on.”


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