First Love


My Opinion:
Maybe they’re the first to place their hands on your plain innocent heart leaving hand-prints that are hard to erase until you meet someone who loves you deep enough to make the hand-prints fade away and make them kind of hazy but not completely erased. But don’t let their memories hurt you, they taught you that you can love so deeply and that they didn’t deserve it and so left.



I respect positivity coz it’s a bright thing. But these days I noticed some things don’t have a positive side and to forge one will make me a wicked liar. People are dying and what’s positive about that?. Where’s the positive side?! Then I remembered a friend once told me: ‘JUST KEEP PRAYING.’
Now I feel better…like I’m holding something…a kind of a KEY… you know. So thank God for this grace to PRAY and R. I. P to all those beautiful people out there who’ve gone to the world beyond. I just remember the saying… ” THE WORST DISTANCE BETWEEN TWO NEIGHBOURS IS MISUNDERSTANDING.” God…we’re in your hands.

What’s Going On Here?

Sometimes when I’m relaxed and then pictures of some past events of the Boko Haram insurgence begin to slip through my mind, I just wonder… I mean human beings with flesh and blood celebrating over the flow of blood they’ve caused. More painful is the fact these people who are being targetted are so innocent that they’ve always been taken unaware, unprepared with no weapons, just nothing except maybe the few plans they have in mind to accomplished for the day in an attempt to keep surviving. Too bad, but we can’t give up in making the little efforts we can to restore the Peace we so much desire in our hearts and in our communities or countries.

” This world is insane!” Have you ever thought that? You look around and see violence, greed, corruption, fear-mongering news, stories proclaiming threats of every kind; raucous demonstrations for and against every point of view;
conflict, conflict, everywhere.
And all you want to do is live peacefully with your family, friends, associates and neighbours, do some productive and satisfying work, and enjoy serenity or “peace of mind”.
The world seems at complete odds with this, and you wonder, “what’s going on here? Isn’t there more to life than these? What can I do?”
You can with a bit of effort, reside at Sanity Island.
Where is that?
It is nowhere and everywhere- it is within.
In Sanity Island, there is a different purpose for living than what we mostly see.

Lots of people have the effort, with a little assistance from a friend or two, and transformed their perspective, realizing that the outer world is but a reflection of the inner; that is when the conflict within is first understood and re-evaluated, then serenity and sanity can be the way of life. And knowing that, “not until enough people stop their internal warfare will there be peace on Earth.

Somebody Cares!

Anytime you think the whole world is against you, that’s exactly when you go wrong again. The whole world can never be against you. No matter what you do, Someone will always be for you. Someone will always understand you. Someone will always listen to you. Someone will always want/accept you. Someone will always see you as their EVERYTHING. And if you’re not careful enough, you may never notice that special someone even if they are sitting right next to you. That’s Life! Get along with it! It respects no trouble! It Goes On…


When somebody loves you so deeply… You could see it in their eyes… You could hear it in their voice… You could feel it in their touch… And then in your heart, you could feel the depth of it all. And then you want to stay in their arms FOREVER and ever ready to die for them!