Ex Boyfriend

A lady asked on SQ:
I STILL LOVE MY EX-BOYFRIEND AND I DON’T KNOW HOW TO TELL MY CURRENT ONE…HOW DO I DO IT? It’s a really tough situation, hard to explain in few words.

Well, I tried my best to answer her without unnecessarily blaming her for being with someone she doesn’t love even when she wasn’t probably sure about her feelings with the Ex-boyfriend. She already made a mistake and I believe she just realized it and therefore needs help and not accusations. She simply needs a solution. But her experience will be helpful if others learn from her situation without having to personally go through it all. It’s not funny. Oh! I’m going too far already. Now hear my reply:

Dear, I can’t answer you properly as you might want me to do ‘cos I tried to fix myself in the place of your current boyfriend and I realized if I truly love you, I wouldn’t want to let you go for any reason, not even for someone who let you go in the first place. But then, I asked myself this question as the Current-Boyfriend: “What would it profit me if I keep a girl who doesn’t love me in the place of that person who should truly love me and whom I also love?…” Girl…go to your Ex-Boyfriend if you’re sure he does still and truly love you as you still love him. But be careful ‘cos you might lose both. And please, don’t repeat the same mistake twice. Goodluck.

The reality is that, anybody can find themselves in such situations. But then, some lucky ones might learn through the experiences, mistakes and sacrifices of others.

Have a safe day!


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