Second Chances

“Don’t waste your time giving the same people second chances when the perfect person could be somewhere waiting for their first chance.”



~the comfort of every man, I believe, is to see the simple sides of every complex things~


A father was reading a magazine and his little daughter every now and then distracted him. To keep the little girl busy with a different job, the father tore one page on which was printed the map of the world. He tore it into pieces and asked her to go to her room and put them together to make up the map again.

He was sure she would take the whole day to get it done. But the little one came back within minutes with the perfect map… When he asked how she did it so quickly, she said, ” oh… Dad, there’s a man’s face on the other side of the paper… I made the face perfect to get the map right”, with that she ran outside to play leaving the father surprised.

There is always the other side to whatever we experience in this world. When we come across a challenge or a puzzling situation, look at the other side…you will be surprised to see an easy way to tackle or handle the problem.

Have a nice day!

Still Single…?

If you’re still SINGLE, thank God for it. If you’re in a RELATIONSHIP, thank God for it. If yours is a COMPLICATED RELATIONSHIP,please, simplify it and thank God for it. If you’re ENGAGED, pray and thank God for it. If you’re already MARRIED, pray and thank God for it. The beautiful thing about these choices should be that we all have very good reasons for making them.

Have a Beautiful Day!!