If you would like to rush everything in your life, please don’t rush marriage. It could be the only paradise you would be able to build for yourself for a life time.

One thing I admire in some few marriages is the beauty of Friendship and Understanding that exists between the husband and the wife. And I believe that such did not just come in after marriage, I believe it started even before they thought of marriage. It took time. The challenges encountered while such Understanding and Friendship developed, were fought outside the marriage. Every marriage may have challenges but great marriage don’t feel such quakes, they quench it immediately it starts up because they value their Friendship and Love more.
Yes, such marriages can be said to be non-existent because there are just a very, very few of them. Whatever it takes, strive to make your marriage awesome. Build a good and loving home for your kids, their kids and kids’ kids.

Build a paradise for yourself while you live and if God wills, it will extend up to His kingdom. No price is too big to pay for a great prize.
We may not end up as we planned, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t always plan for the best. We all deserve the best. Every good thing is possible when it comes to marriage, if only we believe.

Marriage is as serious and important as the entire Life itself,especially for those who will go into it.

Remember, we marry either out of LUST or out of LOVE, but only one of them lasts forever. And only prayers and the grace of God can lead us to that Marriage of our dreams.

Relax and enjoy your day.


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