On relationships and about us trying to get over someone we love so much in the past, this is what I have to share today:

Don’t try to forget the person, that’s near impossible. Just try to understand it was all for love. And whatever you do for love shouldn’t be a pain but a memory to look back and smile at. Then if you can’t get the person back again, believe you can still love again and when you find someone who treats you better than your past guy/lady, you’ll understand and appreciate love more. Take your time to reach that special someone and hold onto your faith and whatever you believe in.

Remember, if you let your past hurt you, then you’re telling the world that your past is better than your present and Future.

Read about Love in the Bible: 1CORINTHIANS 13:1-13.

I just want to assure us that we can be happy again by opening our hearts to a new light of love coming most times from a direction we least except.
Have a fulfilling day!


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