To be ALIVE is a great gift… What else can measure up to it?
And all glory goes to God who gives it.

God’s gift for me everyday is the Life I have on Earth Today and the Life I will gain hereafter.

God’s Love for me is the Peace I feel inside in the midst of failures and successes.

Today marks the begining of my New Year and I sincerely thank everyone who celebrated with me today and those who made it possible for me to arrive this Earth safely on this date some few years ago. I say ‘Thank You’.

I’m left to conclude everything by simply saying “THANK YOU LORD FOR EVERYTHING” but the sentence looks too short, too simple and too shallow to express my sincere thanks properly to God. But it’s all I have to say now but you can still help to say one “THANK YOU LORD” in your heart at least for us if not for me.
Thank You and God bless.

Happy birthday to every other person celebrating today!



This is not a scientific conclusion about the signs of Love… I just thought I should share it here…it was a kind of answer I gave to a question. The question was:


There are a lot of answers to this question and everyone has something to say about it.
This is what I think:

When deep inside your heart, you feel no doubts about your love for the person. When they apologize for doing wrong and you feel like they shouldn’t ‘cos you never saw it the wrong way as they had expected. When you have all you need to be happy and yet their absence still cause you to feel like you have nothing. When your heart is ever ready to welcome their mistakes, gladly accept them for what others reject them for, to want to change nothing about them and ready to work hard to make them happy for the rest of their lives.

The feeling is usually deeper than words can ever express, but when you have it, you’ll feel it and you’ll know what it is…that it is LOVE.
Being in love isn’t always about two people who love each other dearly, it’s also about one person who’s ready to die for his partner, alone. When you’re in love with a person, nothing is more special, interesting or so important but “them”. But when they are mad at You… You’ll wish the planet stops for a second, so you can drop off until things fall back to place.

In life, I Learnt: Love is one of the greatest motivation to success. It may not necessarily be a person, but when you have passion for something your failures won’t deter you and you’ll end successfully…even over and over again.