You know when you miss someone, you either do it smiling or crying. You either do it sometimes or always… All these depend on how much the person really mean to you. However, it’s always for some special reasons. Most times, your reactions to such feelings depend on the distance between you and the person. Are they far or close? Are they coming back or gone forever? Do they really understand what they mean to you or are they just confuse about your feelings for them as you are? *smiling slowly*
You know, when I came to fully understand what Love truly mean, it was too late for me to run away and keep my heart ever free as I’ve always wished it to be. Love is like a responsibility, and it deserves a kind of a perfect dedication.

Initially I was just interested in growing up but unknown to me there was a feeling building up on the inside of me. I came to realised it at the exact moment when I was about to declare confidently that, “NOTHING IS REALLY WORTH DYING FOR”. That feeling was Love and I couldn’t deny it because it appeared like an unfriendly gun pointing to my head ready to blow if I dare deny it. I hesitated. I dared it. I couldn’t believe nor accept it and so I tried to drift out then I realized it was already rooted deep in my heart with its branches and roots scattered all through my veins and nerves and so wherever I go, it would always be there with me; growing stronger and deeper.

No doubt, there are certain people in our lives who are completely perfect in our eyes and heart that we never want to think about losing sight of them even for a second but whom we may end up not seeing for hours, days, months and years,yet still accept and endure it all because the world isn’t that perfect so as to give us everything we want or desire. But no matter what, we must walk on to the end of this Road Fate has decided to place us on.

Wow! Honestly I didn’t know I could write up to four sentences given my current state of mind. Thank God for everything.


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