It’s just and answer I shared with a friend on another site a while ago. Just felt like sharing it here:

LUST is depended on outside beauty that seeks to satisfy one’s sexual desires. Lust stops when the beauty fades or when the person changes.

LOVE is depended on inner beauty, it’s connected to the soul. It seeks to satisfy our spiritual desires. It’s so strong You are ready to die for/or with the person because you’re afraid you can’t live without them. No matter how the person looks or changes, you still find them extremely beautiful. When the world is leaving them, that’s when you want to be closest to them because you feel your world is only complete when you’re with them.

You can also share yours. 😉

QUOTES: It doesn’t matter if we’re on the side of the majority, what matters is if we’re on the side of truth. More quotes


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