Patience is a great virtue that sometimes gets misplaced when we are afraid of losing what we love or want so much.
Patience, no matter how long in God is never a waste of time or a risk. It is just the right thing to do. It bears fruits. But even with this knowledge, sometimes we fall because we are imperfect beings. YES, WE MAY TRIP AND FALL BUT GOD IS NEVER GOING TO LET US DOWN, BECAUSE HIS LOVING ARMS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE TO HOLD US”, we just shouldn’t give up on Him.
At times, the struggle gets so hard we may begin to doubt if God really have us in mind but at the end we would realize we always get out of them wiser, stronger and humble. We therefore shouldn’t let the struggles break us, but instead, let them make us. Patience on God is never a waste of time as long as it is an inner voice calling upon us to wait. God has great plans for every soul He had created and He would always have time and great plans for whatever He takes His time create. In our imperfections, may we strive and never give up on Him. God’s time is always the best. Help us Lord to understand and learn your patience. Give us the wisdom to know ‘procrastination’ and never let it be confused with the patience you desire from us. Give us the strength to work towards the path of our destiny. Above all, let your will be done and give us the grace to accept your will.