Yeah…I don’t feel I’m ready to blog the way I really want, because of some school stuffs that I must focus mainly on for the time being. I can’t wait to start blogging properly! Soon!

The society today is pose with so many dangers… Despite the growing status of education and learning I’m surprise some of us are yet to learn how to tolerate our differences as individuals or groups.

I’m going to hang a question which I would answer by God’s grace in my next blog.

Before I ask this question, I believe being unique as individuals is clearly important and uniting in our differences is also essential. Uniqueness is something that shapes itself out of a person once they’ve chosen to be their honest selves regardless of what anybody thinks. Now unity on the other hand is like a table or umbrella where people come together with their different abilities and talents specially given to them by God to gather up and help bring up the society in a good way. Now each time different people meet under this umbrella of Unity, one or both or all of these different people or group always want the other party or parties to compromise their differences and join their own groups or path of life because they feel their own style is the best. They begin to feel superior. That’s not proper and never fair, it’s a perfect bullsh*t. Now this behaviour, I think is the cause of so many fights and wars between people, groups, countries, e.t.c. Especially in matters of religion and individual choices of style of living. We claim we are learned, yet allow these minor issues confuse and betray the understanding and tolerance we know we should have for each other.

My question: In our differences as unique individuals, how do we unite as a group without having any party or parties compromising what they hold true, good and vital to themselves? I mean how can Uniqueness survive under Unity without being destroyed??