It slaps my imagination when at times, we as a people or a group start abusing our rights as individuals by fighting against our own right to chose and believe whatever we want. Yes, out of Love, we may want others to follow our way of doing things because we feel it’s safer and the best. We say it’s Love but I think it’s not. We claim to love but pick whom to love and yet claim it’s a divine duty. Maybe it’s true, but I still disagree. We shouldn’t just act out of being scare to go to hell but strive to Love God with all our hearts. By loving God, we gradually get to understand how to love each other despite our differences in Lifestyles, Faith, Values and defination of Morality.

Whatever we decide, the choices are ours and with the consequences as well. The Truth is always clear, unquestionable and straight forward because it is a Divine thing. A human being can only tell Truth absolutely if he/she can seperate 100% their ‘fleshy’ being from their divine nature and stick to that divine nature while thinking, speaking or acting. That’s my mind.

It’s all I can say now for the question I asked in my last blog.

Have a beautiful day/night


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