POEM: “The Caged Heart”


You can’t see the chains in my hands,
Surrounded with unseen walls,
Their bounds so strong,
To break out seems wrong,
And so I remain caught up.
The caged heart…

Afraid to break out,
What if outside this cage is worse?
Should I then remain here forever?
Or should I just break out forever?
But the world inside the cage is beautiful.
The caged heart…

Is it oceans or fire out there?
Hatred, injustice and/or darkness?
Let me be positive here!
Is it paradise out there?
Is it not safer inside the cage?
Questions far from certain.
The caged heart…

Uncertain about my own freedom,
Yes, I know and I know,
That I’m a fragile thing,
You doubt? Go ask the heartbroken,
They know me so well even before I’m yet spoken.
The caged heart…

Afraid that my freedom could shatter my own existence,
Yet daily at sunrise and sunset,
I pray to seek for the truest freedom,
For deepest in my inside I know,
That only God can and will free me if I must leave this cage,
Until then, I remain here.
The caged heart…

You may know me,
But you can never understand me,
My ways are spiritual and a mystery,
No human wisdom can resolve.
I am a puzzle only divinity can solve.
I am a heart in a cage,
Waiting and hoping,
For the truest freedom.

– Egba Terry


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