There was this young man who usually go to a bar to drink and on each visit, he usually demands for only three bottles; not less, not more….

On one occasion, he was asked by the bar-man, why he always ask for just three bottles on each visit and which he replied, “I usually go to drink with my two other friends, but now I’m on vacation and they aren’t here with me. So I take one bottle for myself and two other bottles in remembrance of them.” The bar-man nodded in agreement…

One day, the man visited the same bar and ordered for just two bottles. The bar-man was surprised and thought that he’d probably lost a friend. Then he tried to remind the young man about the third bottle but the man hesitated and said, “No, not anymore. I’m just taking two bottles for my friends. No more third bottle from today ‘cos I finally made up my mind after my last visit here to quit drinking.”


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