I sat down today and something asked me this short question “Why Do We Worry So Much About The Past?”

After thinking for a while I told myself, “Maybe to change something we think wasn’t right then.” And again it asked me “So how much have been achieved so far?” and I was like “Well, maybe there is a gain if not why should we just waste time and energy for nothing?”.

But it insisted further, but this time it sounded a little bit angry at my reluctance in replying with a serious attitude and this is the question it asked “NOW, TELL ME WHAT GAIN DO YOU GET FROM TRYING TO CHANGE THE PAST, YOUNG MAN”
So, with all seriousness, I replied back “Nothing… Yeah, nothing… Just a waste of time and opportunities given for today.” I guess we wish we were more perfect then. Maybe someday, we may find a way to fixed the past but until then, we are just wasting Today’s opportunities,making way for more ‘yesterdays’ filled with more regrets by simply refusing to take advantage of today to make things better.

Dear friends, we need to realize that we all deserve to be happy in every single day that passes, and to also equally learn wisdom from the obstacles and challenges we encounter daily while climbing up to our future or dreams in life.

For the PAST, it is gone! We can either remember its good memories and smile for a while or remember its worst memories and cry for a while, all these are CHOICES. But getting unnecessary worried for a prolonged period over a Past deed which cannot be changed is a proper waste of time and misuse of mental energy because no matter how we hurt ourselves, LIFE itself doesn’t care, it GOES ON. For instance:

1) TIME ticks on,

2) Opportunities fly pass,

3) Age counts on,

4) Other human activities goes on; and we can’t control all these or Do We?

So today, I learnt:
“The past can never replace the present. The past cannot be changed but the present offers a great potential for greater changes and we better make the required changes before this priceless gift also called ‘Today’ passes away forever.”

Life may never become totally trouble-free, but I believe in the depth of my heart that God has provided a way out of every difficulty encountered and the only challenge left for those of us who doubt Him so much is whether we:

1) Believe (have faith) that there is a way out provided by God.

2) Persevering and being patient (attitude) in looking for this way out.

Yes I know; I am not perfect, you are not perfect, but we can’t just give up to our imperfections and weaknesses and destroy our optimism towards Life and/or Existence as a whole.

Whether you agree with me or not, one thing stands clear to me:

“That God has blessed everyone of us with talents. When we are able to find out what these talents are, and how we can put these special gifts into good use for our own sake and for the sake of others; we begin to realize our dreams in this Life.

And never feel too small to dream big. When someone laughs at you for dreaming big, remind them that ” No man was born with a golden crown and no man will leave this earth with any physical belonging.” We all got equal potentials to do great things, but only as far as we believe in God and in ourselves.

Have a nice day ahead!


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