-When two people are quarreling it is difficult know who is right.

-“A” will clearly explain to you that “B” is perfectly wrong.

-“B” in its own explaination will give you enough details that will make you see “B” as absolutely wrong.

-To make it worse, even the only eye-witness available maybe friends to either “A” or “B” and may not state the complete truth due to the emotional connection and the fear of ‘snitchin’ behind the friend in question.

-It is hard for man to be straightforwardly honest sometimes because of the strong emotional connections we share with people and things we love and respect.

-So, it only takes the grace of God to really predict the truth between two opposing sides.

-I would rather believe an eye-witness than take the opinion of either “A” or “B”.

-Because, I may find an eyewitness who is friend to none of the sides, but I may never hear either “A” or “B” accepting to be “wrong” for one day.

– The man on the mirror and the man looking at the mirrow have a lot to discuss toward making the world a better place.

Have a nice day!


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