– The more you try to find out why you love certain people, the deeper it gets.

– The more you love people, the more you become prone to pains. But only the strongest still find joy in loving.

– Life is not perfect, don’t let your thoughts exaggerate it, there is always a place to find peace.

– Sometimes it is at the point of giving up that we begin to see the effects of our previous efforts. Every effort counts, sometimes it just takes time to show.

– Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan them, accept them and plan for the next day.

– When you let people’s opinions control you, you will end up becoming many persons because people’s opinions are different base on their own personal perception of Life and Truth. Different people have different opinions to how life should be lived, consider only the best options and you also have the right/power to reject them all.

The only opinion we should consider above all other ones is God’s opinion of us. By His truth we can be our real and best selves without any confusion.

Have a great day/night!


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