1) When you do something for love, some people may see it as being stupid, but in the eyes of love, it is a noble deed.

2) When you have a good heart, it is best to have a very strong relationship with God; for you have chosen to stand against the evils of this world, you cannot do it alone.

3) You cannot fully understand the word of God as written, until you have fully accepted Christ as your Saviour and Lord.

3) Though differences can make us beautiful, it becomes a source of pain and misery when we begin to fight them.

4) Man is nothing extraordinary without his spirit, yet most times that is the aspect he takes for granted.

5) We should not get stuck to the physical things of this world and miss the spiritual plans of God for our souls.

6) Everyday counts no matter how short; every effort counts no matter how small; every gifts counts no matter how small. Live everyday, try everyday and help someone everyday.

Usually, it is the little things done or ignored that end up being our greatest obstacles or breakthrough. Only do what you can and leave the rest to God.

Have a great and peaceful day/night!


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