1) Don’t mourn over your wrong decisions, overcome them with the right ones.
– Unknown

2) Life may take you to where you least expected, but have faith that you are exactly where you needed to be.
– Unknown

3) Your life’s work has to come from a deep understanding of who you are, and the type of changes you wish to see before your time is up in this space.

Believe, and get others to believe. Empower the world using what God has given you with this strong belief. Don’t take any of your days for granted here, be a great individual that changes the world for generations to come.
– J. Johnson

4) Don’t be tired of waiting for what you believe is yours or believe you truly deserve.

5) In relationships, don’t lose hope because your previous relationships never worked out. Have hope. And if you insist on keeping someone who keeps hurting you, you will end up delaying or denying the right person from coming into your life. You’ll know when you find the right one because they will finally show you the true intentions of LOVE: to bring peace, unity, healing, joy, trust, hope and so many other gifts that brings true satisfaction and fulfillment in this life and beyond.

6) No matter how good you are, someone will always be against you, but never let them be the limit of your success.

7) Having Hope without Faith is like having a powerful dream with no wings.

Wishing you a successful and beautiful day ahead!


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