1) When you think you can’t go through IT, remember all the hard times you’ve gone through, that is how you’ll learn to overcome IT.
– Unknown

2) Our actions may come with severe consequences, but the grace that is found in failure is far greater than the pain of the failure.
– Unknown

3) I am surprise sometimes when I look back and instead of regretting, I thank God for the person I had become.

4) Nothing is too big to give up for Christ because He left His throne to come down to earth as a man for my sake and the whole world.

5) I am not perfect but I can still feel His care and concern all over me. I know He wants me closer to Him.

6) There are certain things we cannot fix on our own. Let God in.
– Unknown

7) Christmas reminds us that God is with us. It is a reminder and a chance to accept the gift of divine Love that He offers everyone.
– Unknown

8) I love you and I need you Lord Jesus. Though my pride keeps getting in the way, I know I can’t do anything without you!
– Unknown

9) what is hard to comprehend, draws me in… The love of Christ.
– Unknown



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