Thoughts are very powerful… They give birth to reality.

Realities are the products of thoughts. Our realities are shaped by our thoughts. Every invention and innovation originated from thoughts.

The television, radio, vehicles, planes, phones, etc that we can see today were once existing as ‘mere’ thoughts, yet today, they have been realized to materials that we can touch and feel.

We all have beautiful dreams that we desire to realize but our doubts have always remained our greatest obstacles. Why do we doubt? Because we all have in one way or the other experienced defeats and failures in the past. But because we chose to focus on the defeats instead of the victories we had also experienced, we let fear into our thoughts and it continues to distort our realities and push us away from ever getting close enough to realize our dreams.

To cut it short, we all have the freedom to think anyhow we want. We can chose either to think positively or negatively and no one can control your thoughts for you, it is you who decides which path you want your thoughts to take.

With Faith, thoughts can come to real so never let your dreams die as thoughts. No doubt is capable of stealing your dreams as long as they are generated by Love for God, Love for Oneself and Love for the entire Mankind. With God, anything is possible. Stay Positive!


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