1) They say your darkest hour comes before your dawn. They say you never know what you got until it’s gone.

2) When you are down, confess your weakness to God and you will find strength to move on. A lot of times, we are not really tied down by outside forces but by forces within us which are birthed by our own ego of wanting to always control everything to our own advantage. We may have to admit sometimes that certain things should be left alone and seek God’s opinion on such matters.

3) You can’t control what people say about you. Even those who know least about you will want to say something about you and would say a lot of negative opinions that will hurt you and diminish your reputation. What is important is that you take note of those who are really ignorant about you and those who really know you.

4) A broken home destroys a child far more than a broken society.

5) If you can’t find a reason to be happy, please try to thank God for your life and health. Someone somewhere is begging for a chance like this to right the wrongs in their lives. Everyone has a pain but some people are just stronger.

You can begin that activity you just procrastinated a while ago because you felt it ain’t worth your time (you might be wrong). Certain things are not interesting until you boldly stand up against all odds to START them.

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Have a nice day!


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