Pictures can be funny sometimes. When looking at oneself on a picture, I realize it’s just an image of my younger self even if it’s just taken a second ago.

It tells how fast we get older by every ticking of the clock. Life is in a constant flow, taking one step at a second regardless of circumstances. I guess it paints a picture of the constancy of change.

I think it’s hard to avoid change, it just happens, and man can only accept or reject but never able to eliminate it.

CHANGE is the beauty we see everyday in a growing flower, a changing weather, a new relationship, a new friendship, a new enviroment, etc.

God loved us and decorated the earth with beauty before man was brought in and He said everything was “good” until the devil conquered them in the beautiful garden of Eden.

With Christ, that beauty has been restored, and daily, I strive to be near Him in order to keep seeing the beautiful side of Life; and not the hate, wars, and chaos that man is unnecessarily creating daily for some personal gains causing pains, confusions and misery to the larger less-priviledged population.

The few greedy ones manipulate us to hate and fight each other during wars while gaining from such destructions and confusions as more arms/weapons are sold and more economic diffulties created.

“May God open the eyes of our minds and hearts to realize and pursue His true will for mankind.”



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