LOVE is the real human nature.

That is why when you don’t forgive, it will hurt you & haunt you everytime you see the person.

That is why, when you are hating someone, you’ll be feeling hurt whenever you see the person.

That is why, when you’re envying, you’ll be hurting inside as well.

That is why when you are planning evil against someone, your mind will be restless and even after you’ve done it, your conscience will continue to speak against you.

But when you love someone… Hehehehe!

My dear!
[laughing again]

When you truly love someone, their thoughts alone will can paint your face with smiles. You feel happy & peaceful when you see them. Their presence makes your whole world beautiful. Their fragrance lingers in your memories & nose even after they are far gone. You would want to see them always and wish to always be with them. With them, you feel your world going so complete! Ah!

LOVE is a very powerful…

LOVE is simply the TRUE human nature, the nature that is likened to the image of God. That is why God Himself is a total expression of LOVE.

We should learn to accept and live our true selves! We are all symbols of LOVE! We are born through LOVE, for LOVE and to LOVE.

Have A Lovely Day!


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