“Failure appears unpleasant to us. But in reality, it is a blessing in disguise. Failures develop in us valuable traits of character.

One who has suffered failure himself never mocks at others’ setbacks. He is fully aware that the road to the success is rugged and the man who pursues that road will inevitably get jerks and jolts. Instead of scoffing at others’ failures, he shows sympathy and tenders unbiased advice. Napoleon Hill says, “Failure is Nature’s great crucible in which she burns the dross from the human heart and so purifies the metal of the man that it can stand the test of hard usage.”

– O. P. Sharma

So don’t be too hard on yourself simply because you have failed, be humble, learn and move on. There is no victory without pains. There’s no winner who rode smoothly to victory. So never stay down whenever you fall, Life will always go on whether we follow up or stay back.

Have a Glorious Day Friends!!


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