Corruption is a demon and the cause of so many sufferings and hunger in the world today. Even those who want to fight it end up getting hooked in one way or the other by the tricky-evil claws of this beast called corruption.

The problem with me and perhaps some other persons out there is that; whenever the word ‘corruption’ is mentioned, we begin to look far away from our immediate environment and begin to quickly point at the politicians and other authorities. It’s not wrong though, but it’s fairer if we begin from ourselves and our immediate environment and how we’re managing the little POWER given to us to manage people and other non-human resources at our disposal especially where financing of projects is involve. Where the POWER to appoint people for various post of responsibilities rests on our shoulders. Let’s first examine ourselves. If we are at fault, let’s admit it. That’s the first stage towards repentance from such evil. The next thing is to make up our minds to resist the temptation whenever it comes, for God’s sake.

This will now place us in a better position to criticize any other person constructively.

Corruption has been found to be associated with many political office holders and those in authority because they have been given the higher or highest POWER to control, manage and protect the nation’s resources (both human & non-human resources). POWER indeed intoxicates, but true leaders are never power-drunk because they know that POWER belongs to the PEOPLE and not the other way around. Wise leaders understand that to oppose the PEOPLE when in POWER is like fighting POWER itself and the PEOPLE always have the highest votes and so the PEOPLE always WIN whenever they decide to push aside their differences, sentiments, party affiliations and hold a common ground to agree and vote in the candidate of their choice. To vote the best candidate, the people need ask God for the wisdom and forsight to know which candidate has their best intentions at heart (not just at the mouth)

WHY DOES CORRUPTION AT THE POINT OF DYING, BOUNCES BACK TO ANOTHER FORM??! This directs us to the next question: What Is The Modus Operandi Of Corruption? O. P. Sharma in one of his books outlined some of these causes in paragraphs but I’ll number them for clarity.

Indeed there are numerous ways in which the monster of corruption manages to sneak into the mind of man and induces him to depart from the path of nobility. Below are some notable sources of corruption:

1) BUSINESS & POLITICS: Democracy is indeed the best form of government in this modern times. But huge sums of money are usually needed to fight an election or for campaigns, which hardly any candidate can afford. Naturally, a person with political ambitions & little money turns to a businessman to finance his election battle. Success of the candidate would now pave way for the businessman to amass a vast fortune by cashing in on the influence of this successful candidate. This can also be applicable to political parties that receive donations in several forms. If a politician who owe his electoral success to a business house, says that he will not dole out patronage to it after assuming a key position in government, he is plainly indulging in myth making.

No doubt there are some politicians who win elections without the support of big-business houses, but their number is negligible. Without measures to reduce election expenses & delink business-and-politics, the hope of rooting out corruption is just a wishful thinking.

2) LACK OF INTEGRITY AMONG POLICE OFFICIALS: Edward Sullivan believes that
crime is the result of collusion between a politician & policeman. His following comment is revealing, “actually organized crime could not exist if it were not fostered by corrupt politicians & corrupt police.”

Preaching sermons can never make the police lovers of integrity. Pragmatic steps should be taken. There can be no better solution than the provision of adequate salary & housing facilities, particularly for the staff at lower level. If the evil still persists despite adequate salaries, exemplary punishment should be meted out to erring persons.

3) CHANGE IN VALUES OF LIFE: People have generally become indifferent to spiritualism and austerity. Craze for the enjoyment of fantastic material comforts is in evidence everywhere. When people can’t get it through honest means, they turn to dubious means. Malpractices like hoarding & adulteration produce instant results in swelling their coffers. No doubt while doing this, they have to suppress the voice of their conscience. As a matter of fact, talent and virtue have to pay homage to the deity of affluence. This process must be reversed before we reach the stage of no return.

To protect ourselves from the baneful effects of riches we must bear in mind that talent & virtue are always superior to wealth.

Fight the demon & reveal the angel that you are!

– Egba Terry Ottase

Have a Beautiful Day!!


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