Differences are not the reason for our inability to unite, it is our inability to realize, recognize and accept our differences that keeps dividing us.

The world keep telling you TO BE this and that in order to be accepted, TO DO this and that to be accepted; it doesn’t matter if the majority agrees with them, what really matter is whether it’s RIGHT or WRONG. How do I know if it’s right or wrong? Everyone have their own way or basics for finding out the truth of any matter and knowing whether it’s wrong or right. That’s okay. For me, the Bible has proven to be my most reliable instructor.

Allow only what you hold and believe to be true to be your main source of change and transformation and not the confused opinions of the world. The words of men changes with time, their standards and rules changes to suit their desires (mostly selfish desires) but the Word of God, the Truth of life, never changes or bends in order to be accepted or gain recognition. Till date, the words of God is still effective and God is still fulfilling His promises to those who believe in Him as of the days of old.

Have a Blessed Day!


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