BUCHI EMECHETA (1944-2017)

Considered by many to be one of the most important female african writers, she is greatly respected and revered for her unique and creative writings about the painful struggles of African women towards establishing their place in history.

Below I’ll share a great quote attributed to her:

“One thing she did not know was that the greatest book on human psychology is the Bible. If you were lazy and did not wish to work, or if you had failed to make your way in the society, you could always say my kingdom is not of this world. If you were a jet-set woman who believed in sleeping around, VD or no VD you could always say ‘Mary Magdalene had no husband but didn’t she wash the feet of our Lord? Wasn’t she the first person to see our risen saviour?’ If on the other hand you believed in the inferiority of the blacks you could always say ‘Slaves obey your master.’ It’s a mysterious book, one of the greatest of all books, if not the greatest. Hasn’t it got all the answers?

PRAYER FOR HER: May her beautiful soul find complete rest in the comfort of the Lord. Amen.


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