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There’s one gift that even an enemy would always appreciates from his rival, the gift of LOVE.

I have my bad days and I have my good days. But my bad days are usually the days I decide to replace my FAITH with FEARS or the days I become ignorant of the blessings in my Life.

Today, I chose to be happy not because I have everything in Life, but because I’m still alive.

Don’t let what people say, stop you from doing what God says. God created you not them. Fear only God.

Focus your eyes on the Price not on your failures.


“True Love” (Last Part)


The Bible has a remarkable story about a woman named Leah, who discovered that finding true love was difficult (Genesis 29:21-35; 30:1-21). Leah was caught up in a struggle to earn her husband’s love. Three sons later, she was still clinging to the hope that one day, he would wake up and start to appreciate her. She kept waiting and waiting. Eventually, Leah gave birth to another son, her fourth. Leah named him Judah and announced “Now I will praise God.” Judah’s name means something special. It means to praise or be thankful to God. But how could she praise God when her outward circumstances had not changed? (WHY?)

With the birth of her fourth son, Leah had a life altering realization. She realized that while her husband refused to love her, God was present in her life! God had noticed every pain, every sorrow, every moment of rejection she had ever experienced and He was pouring blessings into her life (Genesis 29:31). God loved her unconditionally!

Leah did not realize it at the time, but Leah, and her son Judah, were ancestors of a man named Jesus. This is the Jesus, whom Christians worship and who the entire Bible anticipated. It is a fitting end to the love story because no one would ever offer greater hope and love than God.

It’s difficult to find true love from another person like us because we are all too self-interested. Our hearts are bent toward protecting and promoting ourselves. It is not hard to see! We live in a culture that constantly measures the success of every relationship by what we get out of it. We stay married only as long as it is benefitting to us, not really thinking about the other partner. We are more into finding true love from the other person. We are only after our own protection and security and rarely takes into consideration the security and protection of the other person.

Honestly, TRUE LOVE has never really been about romance or passion; it is about truth and value. It is about vulnerability and acceptance. It is about wholeness and finding peace. It is about discovering a foundation on which we can build our lives and on which we can place our hope and confidence. It is about feeling we are worth something. It is about sharing vulnerability and in the midst of it, feeling loved unconditionally. Beside this, we have fake love which fades away in no time leaving us broken and terribly hurt. If the end is seperation and hurt, why even go into it or continue with it?

Adam and Eve were the first to enjoy True Love. If you are familiar with the Bible story of the first sin, you will remember it involved a simple proposition; “Eve, if you will eat of this fruit, YOU will be like GOD.” It is strange that the serpent did not use the delicious looks of the fruit to tempt Eve. Instead, the serpent offered Eve a thought about herself. Eve asked herself a question she never wondered before, “what’s in it for me?”. This moment of self-discovery came with massive consequences. This act of disobedience led Adam and Eve to the startling realization that they had been naked this whole time. For the first time, they felt vulnerable and ashamed. They made clothes to cover and protect themselves.

God discussed their disobedience with them, because He knew that all of their relationships were falling apart as a result of their self-interest. Eve blamed the serpent for tempting her. Adam blamed Eve for giving him the fruit and then even went so far as to blame God for giving him Eve in the first place! (Genesis 2:18-23). Neither one wanted to take the blame but was concerned only for their self-interest.

The consequences for disobeying God were the loss of true-love relationships. Adam and Eve would never be allowed back into the perfect garden world. They lost everything. We know their new world of self-interest and self-protection, because we carry with us the same sin-bent reality. We long for real love because we were created from/with love, to love and be loved unconditionally. This is probably the most important point in this entire article:

“You will never find or experience the true love you seek in this world alone. Each of us and the world around us is too soaked in sin. The great news is that there is One who is the very definition of Love and you can be in a relationship with Him! (GOD).

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“TRUE LOVE” (part one)

LOVE remains a complete mystery. Science has not been able to explain it. Mathematics cannot predict it. Poets still wrestle with adequate words to describe it. We are all looking for true love, an unconditional love, but does it really exists?

One of our frustrations with love is our complete inability to keep it. Like sand slipping between our fingers, the harder we grasp, the faster it seems to fall through.

We are also aware of the truth that love cannot be manufactured. It cannot be bought or traded. It cannot be forced. It cannot be controlled.

Below are few things to think about when it comes to True Love:

we use the word LOVE to describe a lot of things. We love food. We love music. We love a good joke and we love having a good time. Using love to describe such simple things makes the word seem a little safer. It is safe because we are not exposed. A great cup of coffee cannot reject us. A favorite song does cannot use and dump us…hence cannot make us feel worthless or useless. But when we chose to share our life with another person, we inevitably make a choice to become vulnerable. Unfortunately, vulnerability leaves our defenses down and often we get hurt.

Opening our heart to another person is a big risk, and to be rejected, is one of the most painful experiences in life. It hurts the most because in love, we are most vulnerable. It’s worse than physical pain because it shakes us at the core of our identity, our hopes, and our dreams. Love seems to lift us up to the sky with its wings and sometimes leaves us mid-way crashing to the ground helplessly… leaving us with injuries and pains. We from there feel hurt, disappointed, hopeless, worthless and sometimes begin to see life in the negatives.





The truth is, the universe is too big for only one person to comprehend and even with that, the knowledge of the whole world cannot explain the entirety of the universe and the forces that operate in it. Science itself makes use of ‘infinite’ when explaining certain things within the universe. Why am I saying these: so that we begin to understand the beauty of PERSPECTIVE! Having a differing opinion from me doesn’t totally make you wrong, and vice versa. Our judgement of things comes from the totality of our experiences and encounters drawn from our environment (family, friends, culture, school, e.t.c.) as we grow up. So don’t be afraid to have a different opinion from someone nor be disappointed when someone has a different opinion from you.

I was watching an indian movie a few days ago and they made a very remarkable reference with the numbers ‘9’ and ‘6’ in describing perspective. I learnt something.

When you’re looking at the number ‘9’, another person standing directly on the opposite side is seeing the number as ‘6’. Now who among them is wrong? Both are right from their own perspective or side of view.

Let’s be honest, we can’t all see the world in the same way at the same time. Assuming the world is as small tennis ball, hold it in the air and you’ll never see all the sides at the same time!

We need other views/knowledge to have a broader view of the world. We need opposing views either to test the validity of our knowledge or views or to complete it.

But the ‘9’ and ‘6’ case also have a hole that needs to filled. Whoever wrote the number and does not intend to be misunderstood wouldn’t intend to make the number ambiguous… He/she would surely have a reference for the number; that is where he intends to be the top and bottom of the number and whoever that stands against the reference would surely know that he/she is wrong and would kindly accept it.

In the same way, when dealing with life’s issues and the universe (and its operating forces) we must find out from the author of life and the universe where He/She marks as His/Her reference. Am sure the Author/Giver of life and the Maker of the universe is not a man that we can go and ask directly,so we can only pray and seek for His divine wisdom to guide us right (Matthew 7:7-8). Like I always say, I don’t like quoting the scriptures but I think it also helps. 🙂




Sometimes I’m pushed to ask: Which is very important in relationships: LOVE OR UNDERSTANDING?

Love is indeed a special word (feeling) and so is ‘understanding’; or you can call it “EMPATHY” (feeling what others are feeling or putting yourself in someone shoes each time you’re dealing with them). Your parents can love you, but if they do not understand you (emotionally and mentally enoug), they may love you so deeply and you’ll still dislike them because you’ll hardly feel it. Sadly, some children get to understand how much their parents loved them only when the parents are no more. You can hear a child saying “I love my dad/mum, but…” or you can hear a parent saying “I love my children so deeply but they never seem to appreciate my efforts…especially the older ones.”

Understanding or ‘Empathy’ is very important in relationships. It’s the next thing to hold onto once it’s established that love truly exists in such a relationship. Many people today think they hate each other but if we can take off our ego and trace it down to the bottom, that which we call “HATE (opposing love)” is simply a misunderstanding. Which means, one can actually love someone, but hate them for what they don’t understand about them. For instance, if you judge a person from a distance, you can easily begin to hate or dislike him/her for what you assumed them to be, until you’re able to come close to them and make them trust you enough to open up their inner-hidden-person to you, then you may begin to like them. And a lot of people are really beautiful inside, but always protect your inner beauty, their are a lot of wolves everywhere in the world today (Prov. 4:23). Sometimes I don’t like quoting scriptures because people would expect perfection from you (Mark 10:18), but that doesn’t mean I should rejoice in my sins.

I have seen people happily married obviously out of love but painfully break up later on. And one may wonder that it was not love at the first instance then. Yes maybe, infatuation; but some after such breakage are still deeply broken because they still love and care for each other despite they’re seperated. In this case, I think it’s misunderstanding. They are yet to take time, take off their egos and learn to understand each other for how different they may be. Some may see it as being weak, but of what benefit is ‘strong’ or ‘tough’ if it brings one nothing but pain and misery.

I may go on and on writing and may even get you bore, because I love doing it… Writing. But what I’m trying to explain is: Love Grows, Without Understanding it would either remain where it is or grow shorter resulting in bitterness, anger, pain, disappointment, confusion, seperation, etc. Understanding (or call it Empathy) is beautiful; in it we find peace, forgiveness, strength, clarity and so many other gifts. With understanding, hate or dislike or other negativities can’t haunt you, because you’ll realized they are mere products of ignorance. Do not forget to carry along Understanding when heading to Love.

I hope you Understood me? (smiles), please do.

Have a Bright, Beautiful ana Peaceful Day Ahead!!



Something to think about:

Love is crazy. It can make a poet out of any soul and can make someone so emotional that they may begin to lose touch with reality…

Love can also make someone who is too tired to finish one kilometre to magically go another extra 5 kilometres before finally retiring.

Have a beautiful day/night!! (depending on your time) 😉

The Virtue Of Observation

A chemistry teacher wanted to bring home to the students, the virtue of OBSERVATION. So one day, he takes a beaker containing urine to the class. He invites the class to sample it and report their taste. None in the class accepts his offer. Then the teacher dips his finger in the beaker and licks it saying, “If I can do it, why not you?”

Then some students picked up courage and tasted it.

After a few students have tasted the urine with disgust written all over their faces. The teacher then explained, “Gentlemen, if you had only be OBSERVANT, you would have noticed that I put my fore-finger in the beaker but licked the middle finger.



{last part}

The pigment primarily responsible for everyone’s skin colour is melanin. Ultimately, everyone has the same skin colour- we just have varying skin tones. The two forms of melanin are eumelanin (brown to black) and pheomelanin (red to yellow). Their proportion determines skin tone.

So what would cause some people to have very dark skin while others’ skin is lighter? WHERE THEY LIVE MAKES A DIFFERENCE. For example, darker skin on people living in regions near the equator protects them from intense sunlight, reducing their risk of skin cancer. I guess it’s a kind of a self-defensive mechanism from the skin. People in higher latitudes where there is less intense sunlight need lighter skin to produce vitamin-D efficiently.

As people continue to spread, occupying varying regions, those who could not cope probably died or move out. Over many generations, these favorable characteristics became imprinted or carried in the gene pool, and the less favourable characteristics will be gradually displaced from the gene pool in the struggle for survival. Thus genetic variability between isolated population gradually diminished, hence achieving a kind of a more nearly uniformed gene characteristic as exhibited by same/similar races today.

Gradually as it is today, people with very light skin will give birth to light-skinned children, while people with very dark skin will usually give birth to dark-skinned children.

However, people with “middle brown” skin often have children with a much wider range of skin tones. Why? Because these “middle brown” people groups still have significant genetic variability with regard to skin tone.

Based on our understanding of the inheritance of skin tone, we strongly suspect Adam and Eve were middle brown. This would give the widest range of skin tones in their offspring, from very light to very dark.

We live in dangerous times. The lessons of babel have been forgotten. Arrogant leaders dare to do anything in the world today. And people excitedly jump on the bandwagon. And it seems that nothing whips up enthusiasm as much as some grandiose plan to unify all mankind into some great, worldwide empire. Think of the organizations that work to such an end: The United Nations, The World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and NATO. And there are so many others with similar agenda. But in Genesis 11:1-9, God makes it clear that the world will never enjoy real unity, except when they find it through Him. He is the Way, the Truth and the Light.

I’m glad I was able to share it all… 🙂

Have a beautiful day/night!!


By now I’m sure readers have made enough research for themselves. Don’t forget to share it with me.

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Genesis 11:4 reveals three (3) problems:
1) First, man wanted to build a tower that would reach up to the top of the heavens; they wanted to reach God, really to be God themselves. Every generations seems to build towers. Whether they are actual skyscrapers (e.g. The Sears Towes and Tribune Tower in Chicago, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Trump Tower in New York City) or mega corporations that circle the globe, the idea is the same- to be strong and powerful!

In the 21st century, people continued to do that. The university professor who dismisses God without a second thought has placed his intellect on the throne instead of God. But human intelligence is woefully inadequate to be our God. Over and over again, the intelligence of man has been supplanted by later intelligence; later proof that other intelligence, more educated, more sophisticated people have destroyed the theories of intelligence of those before them. And if man’s intelligence can be supplanted by other men’s intelligence, how powerful can it be? The people of the land of shinar failed in achieving their first goal.

2) The second problem is that, they wanted to make a name for themselves. They wanted to be remembered. Isn’t that true of every human being? Don’t we want to be remembered for something good? Not long ago, Reader’s digest carried an article on Dr. Henry Heimlich. It’s been more than 30 years since the famous ‘Heimlich Maneuver’ has been instituted in saving lives and probably 50,000 choking victims have been saved through Henry Heimlich’s maneuver. Well, to this day Heimlich’s name kind of gets kicked out of being a household word. I’m sure he never anticipated that one day, it would end like this. In fact, he said that when his name went into the dictionary, he remembered he immediately looked at the entry for Abraham Lincoln; and Lincoln had only an inch of copy in the dictionary while he (Heimlich) had two inches. Interesting, isn’t it, that with mankind we measure fame in inches in the dictionary? But God measures fame by obedience. What kind of legacy will you leave?

By the way, can you name any of the people of Babel? I think they also failed in their second goal.

3) They wanted to prevent themselves from spreading (Gen. 9:1). Building a tower, building a city- that’s no crime in itself. But the purpose of this tower was to replace the God of the heavens. They wanted to climb to heaven and if was successful what would be their next motive? Obviously enthrone themselves. Remember the story of Lucifer? He/she never gives up.

Language is a unique tool to communicate. But at the tower of babel, it was being used with selfish motives. Had God allowed this project to continue, the results would been worse than they were at this time. All of the divisions of the world are as a result of sin and the righteous judgement of God. Most times our reasons for uniting are not borne out of pure motives hence, the later divisions.

The group of Babel began as the whole earth (Gen. 11:1) but ended up being spread (Gen. 11:9). The lesson is clear: God’s purpose will be accomplished inspite of the arrogance and defiance of man’s own purposes. In the building of the tower man’s desire was to return to Adam and Eve’s effort to become like God (Genesis 3:5).

~sorry, my fingers are…

{to be continued}

Have a Beautiful Day!!