A Flower is a mother of inspiration.

Though a plant, it holds great inspirations.

It never melts, despite the heat of the sun.

It never hides, despite the blinding brightness of the sun,
Instead it uses this sunlight to grow.

It uses this sunlight (of course with the help of water and others) to spread out its beautiful parts.

And thus transformed into what it truly is: The Symbol of True Beauty.

For it’s beauty grow from the inside to the out.

Come sunshine, come rain, come wind;
It just grows more and more beautiful.

At times, when I’m looking at a beautiful flower,
It seems to be smiling back with all those beautifully coloured petals and sepals.

Maybe a Flower is another way God wants to keep His smiles with us.

Have a beautiful weekend!

POEM: TRUE LOVE- By Terry Mark

When you truly love someone,
Who truly love you,
You two become one.
You become addicted to each other,
You always want be together.
No matter how frequent you meet,
No matter how long you stare at each other,
You are never weary of each other.
In your eyes,
Beauty never fades,
Only keeps dazzling!
No matter the misunderstandings,
No matter the differences,
Your love for each other,
Only gets exposed stronger.
You are never tired of each other,
Despite the struggles faced each day,
You always fight to stay together.
As the days get older,
Your desire for each other,
Only gets stronger.
Who can quench the fire of True Love?
The Heart may get old,
But True Love is forever young!