Held captive 4 your politics

They wanted 2 break your soul

They ordered the extermination of all minds they couldn’t control

4 u the fate was far worse than just a brutal homicide

They caged u like an animal and watched u slowly die inside

As u breathe your first air of freedom

On the day u become a free man

Raise your Regal Brown in pride

4 now you R in God’s Hands

The life of many were given

So that the day would one day come

That the devils in power at

Pretoria would pay for the evil crimes they’ve done.

You can read more @ https://genius.com/albums/2pac/The-rose-that-grew-from-concrete-book


“GOD”- 2Pac

When I was alone and had nothing

I asked 4 a friend 2 help me bear the pain

No one came except… God.

When I needed a breath 2 rise from my sleep

No one could help me except… God.

When all I saw was sadness and I needed answers

No one heard me except… God.

So when I am asked who I give my unconditional love 2

Look for no other name except… GOD!

{Extracted from the album: ‘The Rose That Grew From Concrete’.}

You can read more @https://www.genius.com/albums/2pac/The-rose-that-grew-from-concrete-book

“The Fear In The Heart Of A Man”- 2Pac

Against an attacker I will boldly take my stand

Because my heart will show fear 4 no man

But 4 a broken heart I run with fright

Scared 2 be blind in a vulnerable night

I believe this fear is in every man

Some will acknowledge it

Others will fail to understand there’s no fear in a shallow heart

Because shallow hearts don’t fall apart

But feeling hearts that truly care

Are fragile 2 the flow of air

And if I’m 2 be true then I

Must give my fragile heart

I may receive great joy

Or u may return it ripped apart.


The day I met u I saw strength

And I knew from that point on

That u were pure woman 2 me

Possessing a spirit that was strong.

I want smiles 2 replace the sorrow

That u have encountered in the past

And since it was strength that attracted me 2 u

It will take strength 2 make it last.

My negative side will attempt to change u

But please fight that with your all

It will be your strength that keep us both standing

While others around us fall.


I say push!

No matter the pains, push!

Obstacles on the way? Don’t Push! Break, then Push!

When it gets rough, stay tough.

when things are getting bad, stay hard.

Pain is not permanent,
no condition is permanent.

Delay is not permanent,
So keep pushing while you can.

In the end quitters don’t win,
And winners don’t quit!

As long as you still breath,
Anything is still possible.

So make your voice audible,
Sing like there’s no trouble.

And always love GOD. Without Him everything is void.

I say push!

No matter the pains, push!

Obstacles on the way? Don’t Push! Break, then Push!

-Egba Terry Ottase