When I’m afraid to say or do something that I feel is important to me, and which may benefit me and others, I ask myself “Of What Importance Is It If You Keep It And Take It To The Grave?”

Somebody may not agree with what you have to say, or what you have to offer or do, but we don’t have to look at it at just today. Many People are yet to be born. Maybe they are the ones that would benefit most from some of these efforts. Let’s do it at least for their sake.

Most of the things we are enjoying today were not accepted at their initial stage, yet others have had to overcome so many difficulties, to ensure that we have them today.

So do whatever good you have to do while you still have the chance. How many people in today’s world, would be lucky enough to travel successfully across two centuries? We all have limited time on this earth and every second that passes, is gone forever, yeah, every passing second is like “One Second Older and not One Second Younger.”

Live, Live and Live until Life finally Leaves.

Have a beautiful weekend!



1) Don’t complicate your life by going to the altar with the wrong person to vow before God that you’ll remain together for better and for worse.

2) Choosing to LOVE someone is a huge risk. You chose to love them knowing they are not perfect. You open your heart to them, knowing they can break it into many pieces. You know the dangers, but you still want to love them.

3) Love him everyday. Cherish her everyday. Treat each other with respect. Value what you have now or value it with regret when it is permanently gone.

4) Choosing to let go of a relationship that does not value you isn’t giving up, it means you’ve finally realize your worth.